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Boom to Roll Out XB-1 in 2019

Boom Supersonic (Boom) says it plans to roll out XB-1, its two-seat supersonic demonstrator aircraft, in December 2019.
The Colorado company says the supersonic flight of the XB-1 aircraft is planned for 2020.
This important milestone will provide Boom with critical learnings and will continue to yield experiences and data that will support the development of Overture, the first new supersonic commercial jet to emerge in 50 years.
“This data will influence the aerodynamic design and calibration, stability and control, evaluation of handling qualities and development of propulsion inlet, nozzle and control systems,” says Blake Scholl, Founder and CEO of Boom.
Boom has experienced great success on its journey towards building a new generation of airliner that will transform the travel experience across the globe, says Scholl, “Today, we have the advanced technology to realize faster air travel, and our teams have been working tirelessly over the past few years to build the first civil supersonic plane since Concorde. Our continued strategic partnership with Japan Airlines as well as new partnerships are a testament to our commitment to make supersonic flight a reality,” he says.
Boom was founded with the purpose of removing barriers to experiencing the planet, and to realize this vision, it is building Overture, which allows airlines to offer a revolutionary service to passengers while earning superior economic performance relative to current aircraft in an environmentally sustainable way.
Japan Airlines (JAL), an early investor in Boom that committed US$10m in 2017 and has options on 20 Overture airliners, joined the stage with Boom. JAL is a strategic partner for Boom in the development of Overture, and the two companies are working closely to help make Overture an aircraft that meets JAL’s exacting operational needs, while also providing the highest level of client service. Over the past several months, teams from JAL and from Boom have collaborated in Denver and in Tokyo to review aspects of JAL’s operations, so that Boom engineers can understand the environment in which Overture will fly.
In keeping with Boom’s commitment to mitigating environmental impacts of supersonic travel, Scholl announced a new partnership with Prometheus, one of the most innovative companies in the field of sustainable alternative fuels.
Prometheus’ technology economically removes CO2 from the air and uses clean electricity to transform it into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The electricity used in this process is generated from alternative sources, such as wind and solar power, meaning there are no net CO2 emissions generated throughout the process. Because the fuel is made from atmospheric CO2, it is carbon neutral when burned, releasing no net carbon into the air. Boom plans to use Prometheus fuel to power XB-1 in the world’s first supersonic flight using carbon-neutral fuel.
Boom has also announced several important strategic partnerships. In addition to the collaborations with JAL and Prometheus, Boom’s work on Overture is strengthened by ongoing partnerships with the top suppliers in the industry. Recent news has included strategic partnerships with:
Dassault Systèmes – Using its 3DEXPERIENCE platform to accelerate the design and development of Overture. JPA Design – Collaborating to re-imagine the customer experience and design the aircraft interior.
Stratasys – Extending its partnership to 3D print crucial polymer-based parts for XB-1 and Overture.

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