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Euroflir 610 Unveiled

The Euroflir 610 unveiled at the ongoing air show reflects the state-of-the-art in electro-optical systems worldwide, calling on advanced technologies developed in Europe. Based on Euroflir™ 410 New Generation, but significantly larger, the Euroflir™ 610 will offer performances encompassing the needs of the European MALE RPAS. This new-generation multispectral observation and targeting system will feature very-high-performance line-of-sight stabilization to ensure ultra-long-range capability and high-precision target geolocation.
The ongoing air show has seen the inking of collaboration agreements between Safran Electronics &Defense, Hensoldt Optronics and Mades on the Euroflir™ 610, a high-performance multispectral electro-optical targeting and observation system proposed for the European MALE RPAS (Medium Altitude Long Endurance – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System). Safran is coordinating this important project.
“The partnership between Safran, Hensoldt and Mades provides the foundations for a solid cooperation between three of the most renowned manufacturers in Europe, allowing to offer to the armed forces a new-generation of IR electro-optical system carrying on the successful Euroflir™ product family, said Martin Sion, Chief Executive Officer of Safran Electronics &Defense.
The three companies will bring together their technological and organizational skills to develop and manufacture an innovative system that is key on the decision-making chain of MALE RPAS.

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