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First International Sale of Coyote Counter-UAS System Next Year

The first international sale of Raytheon’s Coyote unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is likely to take place next year.
“There is a lot of interest out there,” Richard Harris, Vice President, Business Development of Raytheon’s Land Warfare Systems, told GBP Aerospace & Defence. “There is more than one customer that is asking for it right now. We expect to see the first international sale of the Coyote UAS in 2020.”
Small, expendable and tube-launched, the Coyote counter-UAS system, which was generated in a short span of 18 months following an urgent request form the U.S. Army, is currently being used by all four services. Raytheon is currently testing the block 2 variant of the Coyote and will field it next year, Harris said.
The suicide drone can be deployed from the ground, air or a ship. Equipped with an advanced seeker and a warhead, it can be deployed individually or used as a part of swarm of drones. The U.S. Army uses the drone with the Howler counter unmanned aerial system, which recently achieved Initial Operational Capability.
Howler combines the capabilities of Raytheon’s Ku band radio frequency system multi-mission simultaneous radar and the Coyote unmanned aircraft system. The KuRFS advanced electronically scanned array acquires and tracks all size UAS threats. Coyote works with KuRFS using its advanced seeker and warhead to identify and eliminate UAS threats.
While Coyote block 1 UAS is effective against class 1 and class 2 drones, the block 2 variant, which looks like a missile, can counter even class 3 drones. While Coyote block 1 can loiter for up to three hours, the block 2 variant cannot. It, however, is considerably faster than the block 1 Coyote, and is capable of traveling at more than 300 knots.

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