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Honeywell Launches Advanced Software Platform for Airlines

With just days to go for the Paris Air Show, Honeywell has launched Honeywell Forge for Airlines, an advanced analytics-based platform that is designed to increase profit while improving efficiency and the overall passenger experience.
The company claims that the use of the software platform will help airlines enjoy annual fuel savings of up to $140,000 per aircraft, as well as maintenance savings of up to $40,000 per aircraft.
Honeywell Forge for Airlines collects, cleans and analyzes streams of disparate data from a wide variety of airplane, airport, government and Honeywell sources, and offers actionable insights and alerts that can help improve an airline’s understanding of its fleet, profitability and passenger experience. It is a single, integrated software solution combining a broad range of individual aircraft and overall airline data into one easy-to-use and individually customizable dashboard.
“Airlines want an easy solution to analyze and manage their costs in one place, and Honeywell is providing it through unlocking their data to create what is essentially their own profit calculator,” said John Peterson, vice president and general manager, Software and Services at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Aerospace. “This tool will forecast how much money airlines can save based on the data-driven decisions they make by using it. It’s a modular, adaptable and easy-to-personalize service that meets a specific or critical airline need. It puts them in control.”
Honeywell Forge for Airlines includes solutions for flight operations, flight efficiency and connected maintenance in a single user interface. By providing alerts and identifying savings opportunities, the solution can help airlines maximize their profits while improving workflows between pilots, ground maintenance and operations to increase productivity. The suite of solutions can also be scaled, allowing airlines of all sizes to tailor it to address their specific operational pain points, such as flight delays due to unexpected aircraft maintenance.
“Honeywell is pushing the envelope by offering airlines an analytics platform that can intake and process critical data at the edge of an aircraft network and inform the airline to act on that time-sensitive information,” said Ben Driggs, president, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Aerospace.
Honeywell Forge for Airlines can, among other things, provide the most productive flight plan based on a variety of real-time conditions. It can also forecast and provide insights and actions to help improve fuel-efficient flight, lowering costs. The software platform also has the ability to provide predictive maintenance alerts to help avoid aircraft downtime and delays and cancelled flights.

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