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MBDA Enforcer Infantry Rocket System Nears 1st Order

MBDA is showcasing its new Enforcer low cost, high precision infantry weapon at the ongoing air show. The Enforcer is a German-led multi-national MBDA programme.
The Enforcer has been developed to meet the needs of Special Forces (SF) operators and MBDA is currently in discussions with Germany for a contract for the new weapon system and a contract is expected to be concluded within this year. Development of the Enforcer has been completed and certification efforts are underway. The weapon system is slated to enter operational service in 2021.
The Enforcer is likely to attract the interest of the U.S. Special Forces as well.
The Enforcer missile is less than 1m in length and a single missile weighs approximately 7 kg and the entire system with the aiming sight weighs less than 12 kg. A single SF operator can carry two Enforcer missiles with him.
The shoulder Launched Enforcer has a range of 2km and is available with a multi-effect warhead that is highly effective against light armoured vehicles and targets behind cover. The warhead weighs less than 1 kg.
The Enforcer is being touted as a new class of weapon system between an unguided rocket and heavier guided Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs).

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