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Aselsan’s KORKUT 8×8 System Showcased at Eurosatory

Our Bureau - : Jun 14, 2024 - : 12:09 am

ASELSAN displayed a wide array of products and solutions at Eurosatory 2024, which ended June 21. The highlight of the exhibition for the company was the KORKUT Air Defence Gun System, which was presented abroad for the first time, integrated on an 8×8 vehicle.

This system, already part of the Turkish Armed Forces’ arsenal in a tracked vehicle format, can be customised to suit various operational requirements. It can be stationary, mounted on a tracked vehicle, or an 8×8 vehicle, enhancing its effectiveness across diverse geographies and challenging terrains.

KORKUT is an advanced air defence system engineered to provide robust air defence for mobile units and mechanised troops. It boasts a stabilised and unmanned gun turret that can fire while moving, and is armed with the company’s ATOM 35 mm Airburst Ammunition. This makes it a formidable defence against a variety of threats, including helicopters, aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The KORKUT Air Defence Gun System is equipped with a twin-barrel 35 mm gun turret that can fire at a speed of 2 x 550 rpm. It effectively uses Air Burst Ammunition against fixed/rotary wing aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles, and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).

The system features an Automatic Linkless Ammunition Feed Mechanism (ALAFM), enabling it to load two different types of ammunition simultaneously into the magazine and switch the type of ammunition to be fired in less than 15 seconds. The gun turret is stabilised for target tracking and firing on the move, and it includes an integrated tracking platform with a tracking radar and E/O sensors for automatic target tracking.

The KORKUT Air Defence Gun System Command and Control Vehicle offers solutions such as target acquisition and tracking with a 3D search radar, advanced threat evaluation and weapon assignment algorithms, an integrated IFF system, and coordinated operation with higher echelon C2 units.


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