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FNSS To Deliver Kaplan MT/Harimau Tanks To Indonesia

Yulian Ardiansyah - : Mar 12, 2022 - : 2:17 pm

FNSS is preparing to ship Kaplan Medium Tanks to Indonesia next week. The Turkish defense company will hold a ceremony on March 15th to mark the delivery of the tanks, jointly developed with PT PINDAD of Indonesia.

The project was started in 2015 after the Turkish and Indonesian governments reached an agreement valued at USD30 million to initiate the development of a Modern Medium-Weight Tank (MMWT), of which the first MMWT prototype was revealed publicly in 2017.

Named as “Kaplan” MT (Medium Tank) and “Harimau” in Indonesia – both names mean “Tiger” in English – the prototype underwent a series of mobility, reliability, and firing tests in both countries. Based on the inputs gained from these tests, FNSS has made several changes and introduced the production version in August 2021.

As many as 18 Kaplan MT/Harimau tanks will be built in the first batch of orders where FNSS produced 10 units, and the rest will be built in PT PINDAD’s facility in Bandung, West Java. While it’s currently unknown when additional batches will be ordered, there are reports that the Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) is looking to acquire up to 400 “medium-weight” tanks to replace their old 1950’s-era AMX-13 light tanks.

Sporting a modern, modular armor system, Kaplan MT/Harimau weighs between 30-35 tonnes depending on its armor configuration. It can be up-armored to STANAG level 5 to withstand direct fire from a 25 mm cannon with armor-piercing projectiles from a distance of 500 meters. To enhance its protection further, an optional Pulat Active Protection System (APS) developed by another Turkish company, ASELSAN, can also be installed if required.

The tank is fitted with a John Cockerill’s C3105 turret housing a high-pressure, rifled 105 mm cannon, and can be configured to include a coaxial machine gun of either 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm caliber. An external 7.62 mm machine gun operated by the tank’s commander is also installed on top of the turret. Powered by a 711 HP Caterpillar C13 diesel engine, the tank is able to reach a maximum speed in excess of 70 km/h and has enough fuel capacity to reach a maximum range of 450 km.


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