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Growing Deployment of Anti Drone Systems

By Arie Egozi

Rafael has developed the Drone Dome. This all-weather system has 360° circular coverage, and uses an electro-optical/infrared sensor and radar to detect a threat. The data is then combined and correlated and alerts the operator of the hostile UAV.

The Drone Dome initiates either an automatic interference operation – as per pre-defined rules – or it is carried out manually by the operator. The threat is neutralized by activation of directional GNSS and a radiofrequency inhibitor/jammer.

The system is also equipped with a “Laser” that is capable of burning the drone and bringing it to the ground.

According to Rafael, Drone Dome has a quick response time and causes minimal collateral interruptions to the surrounding urban environment.

A similar system has been developed by Israel aerospace industries (IAI) and is dubbed Drone Guard.

According to U, Systems engineer in ELTA, the IAI subsidiary, the radar of the new version detects, identifies and disrupts the operation of UAS and small drones.

He added that the new modular configuration has added a Communication Intelligence (COMINT) system for more precise classification based on broadcast frequency and unique communication protocol analysis and verification as well as a Take-Over capability for neutralizing threats.

According to U. the Drone Guard’s 3D Radars, Electro-Optical (EO), and Jammer systems have all been upgraded with bolstered capabilities.

ELTA says that the system can effectively jam and disrupt the drone’s control channel and navigation, by supporting an array of communication protocols that can ‘fend off’ a single drone (or even a swarm of drones) from the guarded premises or bring it down safely using ‘takeover’ methods.

This development of Drone Dome comes in light of the steps taken by the Israeli general security service to defend Israel top figures from attempts to use armed drones for assassination.

In recent days, the service squad that protects Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was seen carrying a gun-like system that can interpret suspicious drones by disrupting their communication system.

The addition of the drone killer to the other systems carried by the squad, stems from intelligence data that points to a possible use of armed drones for attack on Israeli targets.

Drones and UAS, have been used by terror organization operating from Lebanon and Gaza. The intelligence data points to a possible use of drones within Israel.

The Israeli state comptroller had issued a report in 2017 that pointed to growing threat from drones, and to the fact that not enough steps were taken to address it.

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