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Hanwha Making Chunmoo-3 for Exports

: Oct 16, 2019 - : 3:55 pm

Korea’s Hanwha Corporation is making a mobile variant of the Korean Tactical Surface-to Surface Missile (KTSSM) or Chunmoo-3 for exports. The 600 mm class guided missile will have a maximum range of 290 kilometres.

“We will start exporting this short-range ballistic missile from this year end, and aim to complete the deliveries by 2021,” says Kim Jin Ho, Manager, Rocket Systems Team at Hanwha Corporation tells Daily News on the sidelines of the ongoing ADEX 2019. He, however, declined to name the initial customer.

The weapons are being exported even before the South Korean army deploys the short-range ballistic missiles. The Republic of Korea Army (RoKA) is expected to start inducting the missile only from 2022, he informs. Hanwha is also developing an intermediate size Chunmoo-2 surface-to-surface missile. The 400 mm class missile will have a range of 180 km. The 230 mm Chunmoo-1 has a range of just 80 km. All three, plus the unguided K136 Guryong unguided rocket, can be launched by the launcher of the Chunmoo system.

“Chunmoo can precisely strike an enemy at its source of fire from a distance, while being safely out of range from the enemy’s long-range artillery. Chunmoo’s high accuracy also ensures the safety of nearby friendly forces. Since its development by Hanwha Defense in 2015, has been serving the South Korean Army with its capability to fire various types of ammunition,” he says. KTSSM can hit hardened targets from fixed launchers. KTSSM and the weapon of intermediate size, Chunmoo 2, have inertial and GPS guidance.

The Chunmoo launcher has room for two—one in each of its two independently elevating pods. The launcher alternatively can carry 40 Guryong rockets (of 130 mm dia.), 12 Chunmoos (239 mm) or, if it goes into service, four rounds of the Chunmoo 2 (400 mm) and two rounds of the new Chunmoo 3 or KTSSM with 600 mm (24-inch diameter). The company says the new weapon has a more powerful warhead, longer range and greater resistance to jamming than the other versions of Chunmoo. According to Hanwha, their guided rocket is used as a “bunker buster” solution by the army because of its penetrator warhead.

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