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Havelsan Showcases Autonomous Unmanned Aerial and Land Vehicles at IDEF 21

Havelsan Showcases Autonomous Unmanned Aerial, Land Vehicles at IDEF 21

Atul Chandra - : Aug 17, 2021 - : 5:58 pm

Turkish defence systems provider Havelsan is showcasing its ‘Digital Troops’ Concept featuring the latest developments in the field of robotics and autonomous technologies at the ongoing International Defence Industry Fair, 2021 in Turkey.

Havelsan is showcasing a wide range of autonomous technologies under its ‘Digital Troops’ concept as such as the Barkan (Autonomous Medium-Class Unmanned Ground Vehicle), B30 (Under the Cloud Autonomous Aircraft), M6 (Advanced Micro-Reconnaissance UAV System).

These new generation weapons have access to Havelsan’s ‘Super Intelligence System’ which is an automated analysis system that has been developed to increase military efficiency in the digitalized battlefield, especially that ‘Autonomous Land and Air Systems’ serving alongside military units on the battlefield.

The analysis systems make use of sophisticated AI and intelligence processes, allowing for increased mission effectiveness by providing very high data processing and analysis capabilities.

The Barkan autonomous ground vehicle can be used for multi-purpose missions thanks to its superior autonomous features. It features a modular design in which different payloads can be integrated and has been developed for carrying or towing cargo, providing close protection, and armed reconnaissance.

Havelsan’s B-30 is a Sub-Cloud Autonomous UAV which can perform joint operations with all unmanned systems with its vertical landing and take-off capability, fully autonomous mission capability, modular architecture that allows the integration of different payloads, and many more superior features.

Havelsan is also showcasing its M6 UAV which is an Advanced Mini Reconnaissance System with four propellers.

The ultra-portable UAV is capable of moving in flocks with high capabilities, responds to the needs of modern armies. The M6 can perform many tasks autonomously, including Instant Reconnaissance and Surveillance, and can perform joint operations with all unmanned systems.

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