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IAI to Provide Loitering Munitions Systems to Asian Countries

IAI Israel Loitering Munitions Nassim Ait Idir - : Feb 22, 2021 - : 3:54 am

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced Monday in a Press Release the signing of three contracts to several Asian countries.

The three deals combined worth over US$100 million under which it will supply loitering munitions systems to several countries. The contracts include the sale of the multi-purpose ROTEM system, to a foreign country, the sale of the naval version of the HAROP system to the Navy of a country in Asia, and the sale of the ground version of the HAROP to another Asian customer. While the names of the countries were kept anonymous. 

“IAI is a global pioneer in developing the operational concept of a loitering munitions systems, which has ripened to a family of unique and accurate attack systems. These systems, which have added impressive achievements to the operational capability of fighting forces around the globe, constitute central and decisive attack components for advanced battlefields of the future,” said Boaz Levy, IAI’s President, and CEO. “These contracts are further proof of the importance and confidence modern armies place in accurate munitions systems as part of their arsenal, and maybe harbingers of additional business activity in this field. IAI will continue to develop and improve a range of strike systems in order to give its clients around the world a precise operational solution.” 

ROTEM is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Tactical Loitering Munitions in operational by several of the world’s militaries as a small loitering device based on a light multi-rotor platform (drone). This lightweight and compact AV can be assembled in seconds and operated by a single soldier. The system provides reconnaissance, observation, and targets’ location to engage within seconds.

The ROTEM VTOL carries day/night cameras and a warhead weighing up to one Kg and is optimally designed to carry out combined missions of intelligence gathering and attack. The system incorporates a unique safety mechanism that enables its safe return to the fighter on the ground if an attack was not carried out.

The maritime and land combat-proven HAROP provides mission commanders in a fleet of ships the capability to independently and organically collect intelligence, assess targets, and strike. The intelligence gathered by the HAROP is directly integrated into the vessel’s control room and allows for quick, accurate, and lethal decision-making.

The maritime and land combat-proven HAROP provides an operational solution for a range of low and high-intensity conflict scenarios and anti-terrorism activity. The HAROP is equipped with day/night cameras and can search, find and attack with maximum precision, both static and moving targets, on land or at sea and a long-range. 

IAI is Israel’s major aerospace and aviation manufacturer, producing aerial and astronautic systems for both military and civilian usage. The loitering munitions family developed by IAI includes the Harpy-NG – a third generation of the system homing against radiating targets, the HAROP, a second-generation of a precision electro-optical attack system, the Mini-Harpy, dual  (Electro-optical day and night + Anti-Radiation seeker) tactical advanced munitions system, and the tactical loitering Green-Dragon system, as well as the ROTEM VTOL Tactical Loitering Munitions.

IAI ROTEM demonstration

IAI Maritime HAROP demonstration


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