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Indra Improves Navigational Safety at 37 Airports in India

: Jul 3, 2020 - : 7:46 am

Indra has been awarded a contract for the supply of navigational aids to 37 of India’s military airfields. The Spanish company will supply the systems to India through a local company Tata Power SED.
“The modernisation of India’s airfields started in 2011 with Indra supplying navigational aids to 30 airfields. With the new contract Indra will deliver an additional 24 instrument landing systems (ILS) and 29 guidance systems (DVOR) during a project period of three years,” a defence ministry official says.
The contract is part of the ongoing Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure (MAFI) project by India’s Ministry of Defence.
India had signed a contract for MAFI of 37 airfields for Indian Air Force(IAF), Indian Navy (IN) and Indian Coast Guard (ICG) with Tata Power SED (TPSED) at a cost of nearly INR 12Bn.
Indra has also supplied navigational aids to most of the country’s civil airports, making Indra a major contributor to flight safety for air traffic in India.
The ILS guides aircraft safely to the runway by transmitting ground-based radio signals. The DVOR system supports air navigation by providing pilots with the exact location of the aircraft relative to a position on the ground.
Indra’s Normarc landing and guidance systems are known to be the most reliable systems in the market, having ensured safe landings for several hundred millions flights at 1400 airports worldwide, according to the company.
Indra holds a strong leadership position in India and has, with Airports Authority of India (AAI), modernised some of the main control centres and towers of the country, deployed a radar network that covers 80 per cent of its airspace and implemented nearly a 100 landing systems in different airports in the last decade.
Under the name of Indra Air Solutions, all its business lines have been grouped together to provide a flight management solution from the moment the aircraft starts to move across the airport until it lands at its destination, which consists of: Air Automation, Air Communication, Air Navigation, Air Surveillance, Air Information, and Air Drones, the company official says.
Normac instrument landing systems have been an industry benchmark for more than 20 years. The company claims that over 200,000,000 safe landings have been carried out with help from Normarc at nearly 1400 airports worldwide.


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