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Israeli Airforce Creates ‘Tunnel Buster’ Affect

By Arie Egozi ,
The Israeli Airforce (IAF) have recently used a combination of air dropped bombs to create a "Tunnel Buster" affect when it destroyed a terror tunnel that was dug by Hamas from The Gaza strip near the Erez border crossing.
The tunnel’s route was headed towards Israeli communities adjacent to the border and near the Erez crossing, which is primarily used for humanitarian and pedestrian purposes. In recent months, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have discovered a number of terror tunnels that crossed the border into the Israeli territory. These were destroyed by ground forces, using high power explosives.
The tunnel that was recently destroyed, was detected by special sensors that the IDF has developed. It was the first time that a terror tunnel was destroyed by air dropped explosives.
The IDF did not specify the ammunition used but experts say that it was a combination of explosives' that destroyed the tunnel completely.
While the IAF does not specify the type of bomb used, experts point to one Israeli developed bomb that is capable of destroying “complicated” targets.
The MPR-500 has been developed by Israeli military industries (IMI) based on the operational experience of the Israeli Airforce (IAF).
According to IMI, recently acquired by Elbit systems, the new bomb is designed to hit targets hidden inside buildings, by penetrating through multiple floor levels and detonate its fragmenting high-explosive
warhead inside structures, thus enabling planners to target a specific floor, while leaving the rest of a building relatively safe. IMI says that the weapon maintains its structural integrity throughout its path.

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