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Israeli Airspace Sees Unexplained GPS Disruption

By Arie Egozi

For the last three weeks, Israel’s airspace has been experiencing interference with the GPS navigation system. All the Israeli defense organizations are trying to understand the reason for that “blackout”.

In recent days, the Israeli experts pointed to a possible “spill over” caused by some of the powers involved in the war in Syria.

As a result of the GPS denial, changes were made in some of the entry procedures for landing in Israeli airport mainly by using other navigation systems.

The Israeli airport authority (IAA) says that the disruptions affect only aircraft in the air, while the GPS signals are received by ground receivers.

The Ben Gurion International Airport air controllers and their counter parts in Israel’s air control centers, manned by civilians and air force controllers, escort the taking off and landing, aircraft and. According to the IAA “at no stage was there a safety incident related to GPS interference in connection with the accuracy of navigation and flight routes”.

Immediately after the severe disturbance was detected all the Israeli security and Cyber organizations have been busy trying to understand the reason for the situations.

As mentioned before there is no definite answer to the source of the disturbance but sources said that it was a “wake up” call for all the users of GPS.

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