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Milrem Robotics’ Themis Showcased with Intelligent Functions Kit

Our Bureau - : Nov 7, 2023 - : 6:33 pm

Milrem Robotics’ autonomous Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) THeMIS is on display with new autonomous capabilities gained from Milrem Robotics’ Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFIK), that leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and allows warfighters to designate the vehicles to operate autonomously in complex and dynamic environments, drastically reducing the need for human intervention. “Milrem Robotics’ commitment to innovation and excellence has resulted in the development of an RCV that is poised to transform defence and security operations globally. Our aim is to empower military forces with cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety of personnel and enhances mission effectiveness,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

The THeMIS RCV was first introduced in Thailand in 2019 by the nation’s Defence Technology Institute (DTI) and was subsequently acquired for testing by the Royal Thai Army (RTA). The THeMIS RCV not only automates routine tasks but is also used to augment combat capabilities, enhancing the efficiency of military operations while reducing the need for large manpower deployments. Robotic combat vehicles with MIFIK can be utilized for a wide range of missions, including logistics support, casualty evacuation, reconnaissance, and combat operations, making them invaluable assets for modern armed forces. Milrem Robotics has been gathering customer feedback and developing next generation features to automate the usage of RCVs on the battlefield. “Our advanced autonomous RCVs represents the future of defence and security operations. By automating tasks, reducing manpower requirements, and enhancing mission capabilities, we are helping armies respond more effectively to evolving threat,” the company said in a release. The THeMIS RCV also includes enhanced safety measures thanks to advanced sensors, obstacle recognition and avoidance systems, and real-time communication capabilities to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the successful completion of its mission.


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