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Nexter TITUS ARX-20

Nexter Extending Collaboration with Indonesia

Our Bureau - : Nov 3, 2022 - : 5:22 am

Nexter is growing its partnership with Indonesia and will seek to build on recent successes to further grow its portfolio of products with the Indian armed forces. Nexter’s know-how covers production, design, system integration of armored Systems, artillery systems, weapons & turrets, embedded electronics and digital solutions, ammunition, equipment and customer services, from training to fleet management to support and revaluation. Nexter entered into a cooperation agreement with PT PINDAD at the Eurosatory exhibition in June for supply of the latest generation 120mm tank ammunition to be used by the Indonesian Army.

Nexter is participating at the ongoing Indo Defence with a showcase of its range of products across Leclerc MBT, VBCI 8×8 armoured Infantry Combat Vehicle (VBCI) and highly successful 155mm Caesar artillery system. Nexter’s Caesar 6X6 and 105LG artillery systems are well accepted in the region along with the ammunition range from Nexter Arrowtech for medium and heavy calibre weapons. Nexter’s TITUS ARX 20 is a 6X6 highly mobile armoured vehicle to operate in difficult terrain conditions. The version presented of this modular vehicle is the armoured personal carrier equipped with an ARX 20mm remote weapon station. All the equipment showcased by Nexter has been designed to meet the needs of the Indonesian armed forces. For example, Nexter’s artillery systems are particularly adapted to challenging environment such as jungle or mountains. They are the lightest guns and to have the smallest logistical footprint.

Innovation Footprint
First of all, two of Nexter’s development axis are innovation and digital transformation in order to deliver greater value to its customers by ensuring their operational superiority thanks to the company’s competitive, innovative and digital solutions.

An example is one of the priority developments of the group, which is the 155mm KATANA guided ammunition. This ammunition will offer its customers the means to engage high value targets with a level of precision of less than 10 metres, including in complex environments. Another focus is the answer to the emergence of new aerial threats as seen in today’s Eastern Europe conflicts needs new solutions. Today, Nexter is able to integrate various solutions available on the market on its vehicles, from 4×4 vehicles to main battle tanks. Tomorrow, Nexter is positioning itself as a system integrator for new anti-drone systems.

Nexter also develops weapon systems such as the ARX 30 and RAPIDFire, equipped with medium-calibre guns. They offer surface-to-surface and surface-to-air capabilities to counter new threats such as drones, missiles or so-called “prowler” munitions at short and medium range. These weapon systems have the advantage of being able to deal with a large number of simultaneous threats such as a swarm of drones, to adapt the munition quickly to the target against combined threats, to benefit from excellent reactivity at short range and, above all, to have a very low cost to counter low-cost targets.

Partnership Model
As a local partner, Nexter works alongside its customers in their maintenance modernisation process by focusing on innovative, high value-added solutions: tools for digitalising maintenance operations (CMMS), remote expertise, implementation of predictive maintenance…, and digitised solutions (augmented, virtual or mixed reality tools) for the training of the maintenance operators.

Plus, Nexter and KMW are pushing forward the integration in KNDS (KMW+NEXTER Defense Systems) the merge of the two companies. The formation of KNDS represents the beginning of consolidation in land defense systems industry in Europe. The strategic alliance between KMW and Nexter enhances both groups’ competitiveness and international positions so it offers to armies using NATO standard equipment the best of the technology and opportunities of increased interoperability with a dependable industrial base.


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