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PT Pindad Introduces New Products

Our Bureau - : Nov 1, 2022 - : 6:37 pm

PT Pindad recently introduced its latest product the Maung 4×4 tactical vehicle and SB2-V5 A1 weapon, which will be used by Indonesia’s police forces. Maung 4×4 can attain a safe speed of 120 kmph and has a 6 speed manual transition. The vehicle is also equipped with a weapon bracket and console, GPS navigation device and vehicle tracker, in addition to other equipment. The new 4X4 vehicle has an operating range of 800 km.

The SB2-V5 A1 caliber 5.56 x 44 mm / .222” has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and was specially designed for the Sabhara Police Corps. The SB2-V5 A1 is a product development of Pindad’s SS (Assault Rifle) with a high level of accuracy and tactical size. With a barrel length of 253.4 mm, the SB2-V5 A1 has a compact size and lighter weight, making it easier for Sabhara troops to manoeuvre & mobilize in various operations. This weapon variant has a modular design, so users can apply various equipment and accessories such as optical sights. The SB2-V5 A1 is also equipped with a vertical foregrip that can add ergonomics and comfort in using weapons.

Previous PT Pindad products used by the Indonesia police include the SB-1 V1, SB-1 V2, SB-2 V5A1, SS2 V1, SS2 V2, SS2 V4, SS2 V5 A1 pistols, MAG4 pistols. G2 Elite. Meanwhile, PT Pindad’s weapons which are also used by the Police for peacekeeping missions are SM2 V2, SS2 V5, signal gun, SAR2 and SPG 1A V4. The munitions used include Small Caliber Munitions (MKK) of various calibers from 5.56, 9 mm, 12.7 mm to Special Caliber Munitions for tear gas. 38 mm (MU24-AR), Munitions cal. 44 mm tear gas powder (MU53-AR) and cal.44 mm tear gas Munitions (MU53-AR A1).


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