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Rafael Offers Weapon Stations to S Korean Navy

: Oct 9, 2019 - : 5:09 am

Rafael is offering its remote operated weapon stations to the South Korean Navy.

The offer is based on the company’s MK-30C weapon station but one that will include Spike missiles.

The weapon station is equipped with the highly-reliable ATK Mk44 Bushmaster 30 mm gun and its full complementary high explosive and Air Burst Ammunition (ABM), the Typhoon Mk-30c offers superior capability in defending against multiple threats in swarm attack scenarios.

The Typhoon Mk-30c incorporates an on-mount Electro-Optical Director with a state-of-the-art Fire Control System to optimize effective surveillance and engage threats in all weather conditions, day and night.

Its high level of stabilization and pointing accuracy, result in a high hit probability, even against small and fast maneuvering targets. The system can be operated 24/7 in surveillance mode, offering multi-mission capability to the ship.

According to the Israeli company, the Typhoon Mk-30c fires all NATO standard 30×173 ammunition with adjustable rates of fire, from single shot, up to 200 rounds per minute. Its magazine holds 200 ready rounds on mount. With 70-degree elevation, coupled with ABM, the Typhoon Mk-30c can defeat small land medium UAS including the latest emerging drone threats.

The Typhoon Mk-30c is operated by a proprietary remote operator console, ergonomically designed for easy and safe operation in the harsh maritime environment. When installed in a standalone configuration, the system achieves its high performance relying solely on its own sensors.

Alternatively, it can be integrated to the ship’s CMS. In this configuration, it can be operated exclusively from the CMS or with the CMS as a secondary operating console.

According to Rafael, the Typhoon Mk-30c provides for crew-safe conditions with a remote operation console located in the CIC, on the bridge, or on other protected ship areas.

“Due to its compact design and low weight, the Typhoon Mk-30c can be applied to a wide range of ship classes. It can be used as a main gun to patrol boats or as a secondary gun, for large vessels.” Says Giora Katz, EVP marketing and business development of Rafael.

He explained that by using the Spike missile. The enemy’s vessel can be hit in such a way that it becomes non-operational but still floating, which requires the enemy to allocate forces to help it. “In the past heavier missiles were used that caused the target to sink. Today the use of missiles like the Spike is a better strategy,” he added.

The Rafael weapon stations can also be equipped with the company’s Spike ER and Spike LR.

The system can also be slaved to an exter­nal Electro Optical Director (EOD) or radar onboard the ship.

According to Rafael with the growing threat of swarm attack in imminent the remote controlled weapon stations for navy ships can give a good answer.

The Rafael weapon stations are currently used by the Israel Navy and by the navies of the Philippine, Singapore and the US.

By Arie Egozi


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