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American Rheinmetall Munitions To Develop New Airburst Munition

American Rheinmetall Munitions Our Bureau - : Jul 8, 2022 - : 12:09 am

Rheinmetall’s subsidiary American Rheinmetall Munitions has been awarded a $14.3 million (€13.5 million) contract by the U.S. Navy to prototype a low-cost engagement capability that increases the effectiveness of existing and future Naval gun weapon systems against air and surface threats.

The prototype system will lead to an Initial Operating Capability for the 30mm x 173 MK 340 MOD 0 Kinetic Energy Electronically Timed (KEET) airburst munition. The MK 340 KEET is derived from the NATO-qualified Rheinmetall 30mm x 173 Kinetic Energy Timed Fuze (KETF) cartridge currently fielded by the Australian, German, and Hungarian militaries.

“We are excited to deliver our next-generation lethality solutions to the U.S. Navy for the first time. This award further demonstrates American Rheinmetall’s ability to bring innovative technologies into the hands of our U.S. Joint Force,” said American Rheinmetall Munitions CEO John Somich.

With a headquarter in Stafford, Virginia, and production facilities in Camden, Arkansas, and Windham, Maine, the American Rheinmetall Munitions is part of Rheinmetall’s Weapon and Ammunition division and has been bringing the division’s global product portfolio to the U.S. market. The company’s product portfolio includes, but is not limited to, propellants, fuzing, and protection systems for vehicle survivability. Other capabilities include load, pack, assembly, and full-rate production.

The company is currently producing the 40mm airburst fuzing for the U.S. Army and the PGU-48/B Frangible Armor Piercing cartridge for the U.S. Air Force F35A Joint Strike Fighter.

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