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Roketsan’s Laser-Guided Mini Missile System METE Revolutionizes Urban Warfare

Arun Sivasankaran - : Aug 20, 2021 - : 1:43 am

Roketsan is highlighting the capabilities of its Laser-Guided Mini Missile System METE at the ongoing IDEF 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The system can be launched from 40-millimetre new-generation grenade launchers and is effective beyond the maximum range of existing conventional grenade launchers. METE, which can be fired from a grenade launcher by a single operative, is lightweight and small, this making it capable of being integrated into the turrets of mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Land Vehicles (ULV) and Unmanned Marine Vehicles (UMV).

The system has been developed to increase the combat effectiveness of security forces engaging in urban warfare, against threats such as snipers, multiple targets and enemy reinforcements. Weighing 1.2 kg, METE, which has a diameter of 40 mm and a length of 50 cm, can be used on many platforms. The development of the system is continuing. It has a semi-active laser seeker with a strike precision of approximately 1-meter CEP, and a range of 1,000+ meters.

With a mini seeker and a mini control drive system, METE is directed toward the target marked by a laser pointer, providing effective strike power against light structures, unarmoured ground vehicles, unprotected targets such as possible sniper positions, and targets of opportunity.

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