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SIBAT Leads Combined Effort by Israeli Defense Firms against COVID-19

United against a common enemy: Israeli defense companies have introduced innovative solutions to defeat COVID-19 and help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Arun Sivasankaran - : Nov 20, 2020 - : 6:36 am

Even as many countries around the world struggle to find ideas and resources to fight COVID-19, Israel’s defense companies have come together to use advanced technologies, initially developed for military use, in the fight against the ongoing pandemic.

The initiative, which is led by SIBAT, the Directorate for International Defense Cooperation within Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMOD), has helped  control the spread of the virus in the country and enable the nation to sustain as normal a life as possible under the circumstances. Modern systems that use sophisticated AI algorithms, voice analytics, genuine emotion detection, GPS, data mining, and satellite earth-imagery are being used by the companies involved in the effort to  address evolving COVID-19 challenges. According to SIBAT,  the country’s defense industry is eager to cooperate with international partners to provide solutions to the ongoing pandemic.

As many as 38 defence companies in Israel have pitched in with a variety of innovative solutions that include unmanned systems for law enforcement and health authorities, personal protection equipment for security and medical teams, advanced mobile monitoring and control systems, risk assessment software, as well as video and EO/IR surveillance systems for public safety.  Apart from coordinating the effort of defense companies in the fight against the pandemic , SIBAT has also provided assistance and information to foreign governments and enterprises seeking solutions to address the pandemic.

To win the fight against COVID-19, Israel has employed the latest technologies and brightest minds,” said Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yair Kulas, SIBAT’s Director. “Israel’s defense industries have harnessed the most advanced technologies developed for military use, successfully turning them into information and surveillance systems, and solutions for wide-scale healthcare management and readiness for emergency response on both the national and municipal levels.”

The companies and agencies involved in the initiative are Rafael, Elbit Systems – Land, Elbit Systems – C4I & Cyber,   IAI Elta Systems, Beth-EL Industries, Rayzone, BLER Systems, AMSTAF,  BlueBird, Astronautics, Toka, Verint, NSO, Magen, Gadfin Aero-Logistics Systems, NG Soft,  SYNRGAI, TSG, Semi Conductor Devices (SCD), ImageSat International (ISI),  RT LTA Systems, Shilat Optronics, Seraphim, Opgal, Corsight, Troya, Septier, Nemesysco, Suspect Detection Systems (SDS), TrekAce, Trilogical, Wave Guard, Robotican, Shalon , Shilat, Sky Sapience, Mantak IMOD,  and Marom Dolphin.

Rafael’s Wisdom Stone is a cloud-based Big Data SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end solution for governmental authorities and civilians to predict and contain any pandemic, managing life during the pandemic, and the ‘Day After’ strategy. NSO, a developer of intelligence solutions for government agencies, has teamed with epidemiologists and public health experts to introduce ‘Fleming,’ an epidemiological analytics system based on its technology.

IAI Elta Systems’ TAMAR is  an indoor surveillance system  that remotely and instantly tests human life signs such as body temperature, heartbeat, and respiratory rates. While Troya’s TVC-2020 skin temperature measurement system uses AI-based analysis to screen a large number of people in high-density crowded environments, Corsight’s  Fortify Thermal Camera Integration helps identify individuals with high body temperature within a crowd monitored by video cameras.

Opgal’s  ThermApp MD and ThermApp MD PRO helps screen people by detecting elevated body temperature in large groups of people in less than a second. ImageSat International NV (ISI) provides high-resolution commercial satellite earth-imagery that helps monitor specific COVID – 19 related areas of interest.

Rayzone has developed  the Holistic Emergency Location Platform (HELP)  to monitor and contain infection rates by establishing a two-way communications platform that informs the public of potential risks, directives, and announcements. The application provides essential information to the authorities as well. BLER Systems’ COVID Radar helps locate infected people in crowded areas. Verint’s Wave Guard Tracer is an information service that monitors the entire population in real-time for epidemic spread.

Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) measures and reveals the genuine emotions during voice-based communications, enabling personnel at call centers to determine whether people are complying with authorities’ guidelines. Smart Forms, developed by Suspect Detection Systems (SDS), utilizes the P300 and Guilty Knowledge (GKT) methodology with an AI algorithm to determine if the responses provided by people ion online forms are true or false.


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