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Space Engine Systems to Showcase Hello-1 Spaceplane in Paris

Our Bureau - : Jun 5, 2023 - : 11:11 am

Space Engine Systems, Canadian aerospace and space engineering company, will display a a scale model of its Hello-1 spaceplane in the Canadian Pavilion at the upcoming Paris Air Show.

The company, which is working to become the lowest-cost trucking company to anywhere in space, including the Lunar Mission, is developing three fully reusable horizontal take-off and landing Mach 5 spaceplanes named the Hello series. The company is also developing several spin-off technologies including multi-fuel turbojet/turbo-ram jet engines and a lightweight cryogenic hydrogen heat exchanger. The DASS GNX turbo-ram jet engine powers all spaceplanes in the Hello series using airbreathing propulsion systems and can run on jet fuel, methane, and blends of up to 100% hydrogen.

Space Engine Systems is currently developing Hello-1X, a piloted technology demonstrator vehicle with unmanned option capable of Mach 5 flight up to an altitude of 32 kilometers. Hello-1 can deliver 550 kilograms to LEO while Hello-2 can deliver 5,500 kilograms to LEO, 1,650 kilograms to lunar orbit, and 760 kilograms to the lunar surface. Payloads can be delivered point-to-point across the earth by any of the Hello spaceplanes and can be delivered to various earth and lunar orbits, and the lunar surface via a transfer vehicle released from Hello-1 and Hello-2. All of Space Engine Systems’ spaceplanes are piloted with an unmanned option.

Space Engine Systems has operations in Edmonton, Canada, and Cornwall, U.K., and is currently setting up operations in multiple locations in the U.S.


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