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Terma Unveils Drone Detection for SCANTER 5000 Radars

Our Bureau - : Jan 16, 2024 - : 10:07 pm

Terma introduced a drone detection technology that will augment land-based radars of the company’s SCANTER 5000 series.

“We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking add-on, a true game-changer in drone detection technology. With its unparalleled precision, comprehensive data analysis, and impressive range, our counter drone capability sets a new standard for the industry,” said Jesper Tolstrup, Chief Specialist, Radar, Products & Programs at Terma on Monday (Jan. 15). “We are proud to offer this cutting-edge solution to our valued customers, enhancing security and safety across a range of applications.”

With a detection range of 10 kilometers for 5 kg drones, the SCANTER 5000 series provides operators with an extended response time, enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities. Terma’s drone detection capability not only determines the direction of the drone or object but also classifies it, empowering operators with invaluable information for informed decision-making.

To consolidate and ensure a high level of confidence in the results, the counter-drone detection capability of the SCANTER 5000 operates seamlessly and is divided into four crucial steps: Detect, Track, Classify, and Identify. Armed with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the radar can analyze incoming data to detect drones with high accuracy, differentiating between drones and other flying objects e.g. flocks of birds and aircraft.

Terma’s drone detection is tailored for a wide range of radar applications, including operators in ports, coastlines, offshore platforms, and critical infrastructure, proving particularly valuable for safeguarding wind farms and maritime oil platforms. Additionally, it can be deployed in civilian airports for drone detection and bird monitoring, to enhance safety and security.

Photo: Terma


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