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US Army to Test Launch Spike NLOS from Apache

By Arie Egozi

The US Army will soon perform a test launch of the Israeli Spike NLOS missile from an Apache helicopter.

Rafael designed the missile, one of the Spike family of missiles, as a defensive weapon system that can engage targets in great precision and in great ranges.

The SPIKE NLOS is combat proven and proved to be an effective tool for both High intensity conflicts (HIC) and Low intensity conflicts (LIC) as well.  According to Rafael, the Spike-NLOS is one of the most advanced and modern precision weapon system.

The SPIKE NLOS Missile can be fired in LOS to target using the same principals of the other SPIKE Missiles of tracker lock-on and F&F abilities. The main concept of the weapon system includes the capability to fire in Non Line of sight.

The firing to a NLOS target, is based on grid coordinates using INS/GPS navigation and ending missile flight in terminal guidance based on the Electro optical guidance using missile seeker image transmitted to operator via wireless RF data link.

The target coordinates are fed either manually to the SPIKE NLOS system or selected from pre-defined targets or mission data bank. After launch the Missile flight is according to its automatic navigation algorithm. During flight, manual scan of the target area is possible within the Field of Regard (FOR).  Pointing to the target may be resumed any time by pushing a button. Reaching a condition threshold; the Missile terminates its automatic navigation. Terminal guidance is either performed by using tracker lock-on or manual steering the seeker.

According to Rafael, the SPIKE Missiles are now integrated onto more than 10 different attack helicopters and that includes both SPIKE ER and SPIKE NLOS.

According to Rafael the integration to the customer helicopter can be done with cooperation with the helicopter manufacturer or as a standalone kit. Rafael says that the SPIKE NLOS is a true “game changer” allowing the helicopter to engage targets at a range of up to 30 km, without Line of sight, well out of the enemy air-defense range without being detected.

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