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: Mar 27, 2019 - : 4:17 pm

Turkey is making a strong push for defence exports to Malaysia under the stewardship of Her Excellency Dr. Merve KAVAKCI, Ambassador of Turkey to Malaysia. Dr. KAVAKCI, a political appointee by Turkey’s President Erdogan, particularly to take the collaboration between Ankara and Kuala Lumpur to the next level, says, “We want to embrace Malaysia as an equal partner to create win-win situations and help in any way we can from our own experience.”

Strategic Partners

Firstly, we are both regional powers, though geographically, we are far from one another. Strategically, we are important not only in our respective regions but also in the globe. Politically, we are two countries with leaderships that do not bend down when they face challenges in the international community and who persevere to stand for the truth and the underdogs, those who are disenfranchised and victimised.

Economically, these are two countries that are their own success stories, specifically during Tun Mahathir’s 1stterm in the 1980’s to the millennium and under President Erdogan, from the start of the new millennium until now. So, in here, there is a similarity.

Turkey stands out as a country that has made giant strides in the last decade and a half.  With its achievements in the defence sector, it has come up to a level to be able to produce 5th generation defence platforms, in addition to other countries such as Russia and China.

Perfect Partner

We have been able to hone our skills and develop the necessary knowledge to develop 5th generation war equipment. Of course, our achievements have not gone unnoticed by Malaysia and indeed, almost every other country on the globe. With this now, we are extending a friendly hand to Malaysia, for the first time in defence industry history, to go beyond the purchase and sale of defence equipment and to produce and transfer technology together. This will help create jobs on both sides .

We want to embrace Malaysia as an equal partner to create win-win situations and help in any way we can from our own experience. So far, Malaysia has proven its capability to write its own success story as far as 100 percent Malaysia-made products are concerned.  We have done it ourselves and brought it up to 77 percent indigenous defence equipment in 15 years, which is a very short span of time, when it comes to the larger scheme of things, for an industry like defence.


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