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KNDS Advances with ASCALON Gun Testing

Our Bureau - : Jun 11, 2024 - : 2:01 am

KNDS, a Franco-German defence company, has recently completed another successful round of testing for its ASCALON 140mm gun. The test demonstrated the gun’s ability to change its barrel calibre from 120mm to 140mm in under an hour. This development is part of the ongoing preparations for the gun concept within the MGCS framework.

The company is committed to showcasing the readiness of the ASCALON 140mm gun and its ammunition. The most recent test in May 2024 highlighted the impressive capabilities of both the 140mm and 120mm barrels, as well as the maturity of the APFSDS rounds. The programme, which runs from May 2022 to December 2025, includes several hundred firings of both 120mm and 140mm barrels. The next significant milestone will be firing tests from a Main Battle Tank (MBT) in 2025.

The recent demonstration involved firing from a 140mm barrel, followed by a swift change to a 120mm barrel, and then firing 120mm ammunition. This test underscores the flexibility of the ASCALON concept, which allows for the fitting of any barrel from 120mm to 140mm on a single carriage in less than an hour.

According to the company, the concept is a novel approach that offers performance levels beyond what current technologies can provide, and it also presents considerable potential for growth.

As a company specialised in heavy calibre gun and ammunition design, KNDS developed ASCALON with an open architecture. This design will serve as a foundation for the cooperative development of a combat gun platform within the Franco-German MGCS programme, setting the stage for the future standard of European tank gun and ammunition.


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