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Skykraft Advances in Global Space Air Traffic Management

Our Bureau - : Apr 6, 2024 - : 12:53 am

Skykraft has secured approval from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for its spectrum filing for a constellation of 2976 satellites. This advances its goal of providing global space-enabled ADS-B and VHF communications services, promising enhancements in aviation safety, sustainability, efficiency, and resilience.

“Skykraft looks forward to using this filing to contribute to global goals to improve safety, sustainability, efficiency and capacity in aviation,” said Dr Michael Frater, CEO of Skykraft. “Skykraft’s space-enabled air traffic management services will be available for testing in 2025 and operational service in 2026. This service will bring significant benefits to oceanic and remote regions will improve performance in the world’s most congested airspace.”

After launching and testing 10 prototype satellites in 2023, Skykraft plans to deploy more pre-production satellites in 2024. The operational constellation will begin rolling out in 2025 with an initial launch of 50 satellites, aiming for full operational service by 2026, followed by ongoing satellite count expansion in the years to come.

Over the last three years, the company has worked with air navigation service providers to align space-enabled air traffic management services with their needs. In 2023, a notable demonstration of capability took place through a collaborative trial with Airservices Australia, showcasing direct communication between satellites and aircraft using onboard radios, facilitated by Skykraft’s VHF payload.

Additionally, the company actively assists the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in adapting international standards for space-enabled service access. The spectrum filing process by ITU builds on the recent World Radio Congress endorsement for utilizing VHF aeronautical frequencies from space.

Skykraft’s VHF communications service is supplemented by a surveillance service, leveraging aircraft position broadcasts to furnish timely aircraft position data to air traffic controllers.

The integration of space-enabled services for pilots and air traffic controllers brings numerous benefits. It enhances safety through real-time communications, supports the aviation industry’s goal of net-zero emissions, improves efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and flight delays, and reinforces air traffic management system resilience against satellite navigation system disruptions.

Illustration: Skykraft.


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