Advertisement on ADT Magazine

Ads Information

The unique medium for the advertisers in the Defence Industry, As it becomes a perfect platform for the suppliers of products, services provided by clients and manufacturers to showcase their offerings to their target audience. They include:

Restricted publication with a strong circulation database of companies that matter to you, supplied to key decision makers, High level executives and people related to the industry.


Advertising Dimensions Full Bleed Trim Type Area
Centre/Double Spread Page 295mm x 430mm 275mm x 420mm 240mm x 390mm
Full Page 295mm x 220mm 275mm x 210mm 240mm x 180mm
Half Page 137mm x 210mm 275mm x 105mm 160mm x 120mm
Horizontal Vertical
Quarter Page 68mm x 210mm 137mm x 105mm
2/3 Page 180mm x 210mm
1/3 Page 90mm x 210mm
1/8 Page 35mm x 210mm

Online Ads

Asian Defence Technology is developed to meet the online demands for unique customer in the fast phase internet world, were we extend our services through the effective online advertising and ensuring a high return of medium in combination for print, online, and e-newsletter.

Online Formats

Advertising Type Specs
Home Page Top Horizontal Banner 468 x 60
Small Horizontal Banner 234 x 60
Vertical Skyscraper 120 x 600
Small Skyscraper 120 x 240
Medium Rectangle 250 x 250
Rectangle Banner 180 x 150
Square Button 125 x 125
Page Banner 468 x 80
Banner in Article 468 x 80

Technical Specification

  • Acrobat PDF is the preferred format, and they should be given to us as composite CMYK.
  • These files must be supplied as single pages.
  • The pages must include 3mm bleed when required.
  • Crop marks must be included to show trim area.
  • Files must contain all images in high resolution, CMYK format and have all fonts embedded.
  • Content of digital files must be verified before transmission, and all relevant graphics and fonts must be included.
  • The file content remains the responsibility of the sender.
  • The flightcheker must ensure the following:
  •      – Image resolution = 300 dpi (min)
  •      – All fonts embedded. Colour = CMYK
  • A proof must be supplied of digital file submitted (ie, the PDF), and should be 100% of final size.
  • The proof being supplied must be generated from the PDF.
  • File names should be: Advertisement Name, Publication and Issue date.
  • PDF files are to be sent via email to