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        EDITOR’S NOTE                                                           CREDITS

        Moving with the Times                                                   Editor
                                                                                Vittorio Rossi Prudente
        During the last 40 years, aircraft and their systems have become        Associate Editor
        more complex. Virtually every aircraft component that must be           Jay Menon
        maintained has advanced, including flight systems, passenger  
        comfort systems, engines and structural materials. Maintaining          Operations Director
        these systems requires specialized facilities and equipment.            Siva Sachi
        A wave of technological change is about to break on the aviation        Art Director
        aftermarket, powerful enough to erode core elements of today’s industry.  Arthur Chan
                                                                                Web Director
        By 2020, most companies in the aviation maintenance, repair,            Elmer Valencia
        and overhaul sector will use new technology in a way that     
        fundamentally changes how the industry works.                           Circulation Manager
                                                                                Khairul Naem
        The new technologies each produce an overwhelming amount of   
        information. This includes data such as navigation and up-to-the-
        second atmospherics that influence flight performance, real-time        ADvERTISING CONTACTS:
        engine trend monitoring that helps reduce engine maintenance costs,
        and airframe stress data that can help extend airframe lifecycles.      Europe – Canada and all other countries:
        According to Oliver Wyman’s 2015 MRO Survey, the use of big data in     Global Communications sas
                                                                                Tel: +39 049 723548
        the aviation industry will become pervasive, with the rise of aircraft
        health monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.                   USA
                                                                                Contact: Josh Mayer
        MRO success will be driven by the availability and accessibility of     Tel : +1 972 816-6745  Fax : +1 972 767 4442
        this information within the aircraft maintenance ecosystem.             Email :
        The need to support “power-by-the-hour” operations and equipment        Israel
        uptime is especially important in this competitive market.              Contact: Tamir Eshel
                                                                                Tel : + 972 544 508 028 / +972 989 117 92
                                                                                Fax : +972 989 199 65
        And MRO personnel require advanced levels of technical expertise to     Email :
        work with new technologies in flight systems, engines and structural    China
        components—along with the ability to maintain that cutting-edge expertise.  Contact:  Xu Yixin 徐一新
        It may be noted that beyond the increasingly advanced technological     Mob: +8613811688955
                                                                                Tel: 86-10-58354055 / Fax: 86-10-84043033
        requirements, the MRO market is growing in both size and scope.         E-mail :
                                                                                South East Asia
        As new technology hits the market, MRO providers risk losing            Contact: Siva Sachi
        profitable work and the opportunity to define the commercial            Mob: +6012-905 6825
        frameworks for deploying technology. Enterprise-enabled                 E-mail :
        aviation technology is both a challenge and opportunity.

        Those companies with the foresight, the organizational framework
        and technology infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities    Global Business Press Pte. Ltd.
                                                                                ASIAN AIRLINES & AIRPORTS
        presented by this volume of information have the potential              Level 34, Centennial Tower,
                                                                                3 Temasek Avenue, Singapore 039190.
        to not only survive but to thrive during this upheaval.                 Tel: +65 6549 7706 Fax : +65 6549 7011
                                                                                Email : Web :
        JAY MENON
        Associate Editor

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