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        into their numerous components, which   AAR’s  joint  venture  with  Malaysian   the entire industry, including aircraft
        are then individually cleaned,”  explains   MRO provider, AIROD, provides turnkey   manufacturers and carriers.
        an official at Lufthansa Technik’s Landing   landing gear services to commercial and   However, an increasing workload for
        Gear Services (LTLGS), which provide vast   military customers throughout the Asia   airlines naturally means more take-offs
        in-house capabilities at its four landing   Pacific region. Conveniently located near   and landings and, in turn, more pressure
        gear overhaul facilities worldwide.  Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport, AAR   on the MRO providers servicing the landing
           The U.K. facility  of LTLGS recently   Landing Gear Services brings high-quality,   gear  of  the  growing  number  of  aircraft.
        overhauled the 25th Landing Gear set of   cost-effective landing gear services to one   In Europe alone this market segment
        the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft type.   of the fastest growing aviation markets in   is estimated to be worth approximately
           According to LTLGS, as for the end of   the world, Shah says.        US$850 million in 2014 with the growth
        2015, there will be 34 Boeing 777-300ER                                 rate of up to 4% per year.
        aircraft in operations which are ten years   Air Travel Growth            A landing gear, including wheels and
        old or older and which are scheduled to   According to the latest IATA forecast, the   tires, takes the brunt of all landings.
        receive a complete landing gear overhaul.   demand for air travel will keep growing   Bringing a Boeing B747-400  to a stop
        The official says that 25 landing gear   at the rate of five per cent to six per cent   requires the brakes to absorb enormous
        shipsets overhauled by LTLGS for leading   a year. This is certainly good news for   amounts of heat, as its maximum take-off
        European, Middle Eastern and Japanese
        operators, account approximately 70 per
        cent  of the total  world-wide overhaul
        market share of this type of landing gear.
           “The  successful  experience  on
        previous Boeing 777-300ER programs,
        gives us a very high level of confidence
        in our capability to achieve performance
        criteria set by our customers. These
        facts are also a perfect foundation to
        support future demand and continues
        business developments, especially when
        the latest generation aircraft, are yet to
        come to  landing gear  overhaul market,”
        says LTLGS Managing Director Sandra
           AAR,  the  global  aerospace  and
        defence contractor that provides products
        and services to commercial and military
        fleets, says it believes in the value of
        controlling the entire landing gear MRO
        process in order to ensure high quality at
        a world class turnaround time.
           “Our 128,000 square foot Miami facility
        houses all of the machinery, electroplating
        equipment, systems, and technical staff
        needed to perform the entire job under
        one roof – whether that  job is a piece
        part repair, an actuator overhaul, or an
        overhaul of a major gear assembly. This
        includes all special processes to facilitate
        a complete landing gear system overhaul
        including  inspection,  non-destructive
        testing, machining, plating, painting, final
        assembly, and shipping,” says Rahul Shah
        Senior Vice President- Strategic Growth
        and Business Development- Asia Pacific,
        Middle East and Africa -AAR Corporation.
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