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Italian Navy Launches LSS Atlante

Our Bureau - : May 20, 2024 - : 8:29 pm

The Italian Navy recently launched the Logistic Support Ship (LSS) “Atlante” at the Fincantieri shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia. This vessel is a key component of the service’s ambitious fleet renewal programme.

Set for delivery in 2025, “Atlante” follows the inaugural LSS, “Vulcano,” which was handed over to the Navy by Fincantieri in 2021. These ships are designed to provide critical logistical support to Italy’s naval forces, with capabilities spanning the defence of national interests, protection of Euro-Atlantic zones, and participation in international peacekeeping missions. Additionally, they are equipped to assist in public disaster scenarios.

Commissioned by the Temporary Business Grouping (RTI) composed of Fincantieri and Leonardo, these logistical support ships showcase a high degree of innovations to ensure adaptability and efficiency across diverse operational scenarios. Notably, they’re equipped to support Civil Protection operations, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability through advanced propulsion systems and waste management technology.

The LSS ships serve dual purposes within the fleet, providing logistical support and possessing hospital and healthcare facilities. They are equipped to transport and transfer liquids such as diesel, aviation fuel, and freshwater, as well as solids like spare parts, food, and ammunition to other naval units. Moreover, they can perform repair and maintenance operations at sea. Their defensive systems include advanced command and control capabilities, communications, and non-lethal deterrent measures, and they can support complex defence systems alongside intelligence and electronic warfare equipment.

Key specifications of the LSS “Atlante” include: a 27,000 tonnes displacement, a 193 metres length, and a maximum speed of approximately 20 knots. The ship is crewed by 235 personnel, including specialists.

The ship has sea rescue capabilities, with a capacity to recover vehicles and materials from both the surface and seabed. It also has the capability to be used as a base for rescue operations using helicopters and special boats.


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