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Debut for Hyundai Rotem’s N-WAV 8×8 Armoured Vehicle

: Oct 18, 2023 - : 12:07 am

Hyundai Rotem currently produces three variants of the 8×8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle (WAV) for the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) – a K808 APC, command post and 30mm air defence vehicle – but the South Korean company has already turned its attention to the WAV’s next generation.

Christened the N-WAV, the brand new 8×8 armoured vehicle was unveiled by Hyundai Rotem at the ongoing  event. The 30-tonne-class vehicle on display is a technical prototype featuring an unmanned turret that is armed with a 30mm cannon, a Hyundai Rotem remote-controlled weapon station fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun, and twin antitank missile launchers mounted either side of the turret.

The vehicle with a combat weight approaching 35 tonnes still retains an amphibious capability, with propellers mounted at the rear and a trim vane fitted at the front. In water it can swim at speeds of 10km/h, including in sea and surf conditions. Dimensionally, the sizeable vehicle is 9.3m long, 3.1m wide and 2.8m high.

It features better protection than the K808 WAV fielded by the ROKA, including a higher ground clearance to improve mine protection. Hyundai Rotem has integrated the imported power pack that includes a 700hp engine and seven-speed automatic transmission.

The N-WAV on display had all the bells and whistles, even fire extinguishers for the tyres in case the rubber is set ablaze. There is also an active protection system, laser warning system, smoke grenade launchers, 360º camera system, electronic periscope and digitised driver’s integrated display.

Hyundai Rotem started the N-WAV project in 2021, primarily as a platform aimed at the export market, although it also acts as a demonstrator for the ROKA as it contemplates the next generation after the WAV.

The N-WAV has a crew of three and it can carry eight infantry dismounts. While some components are shared with the K808, most are completely new on this prototype. A spokesman shared that its development should be completed by mid-2024, after which it will undergo company evaluations.


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