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ELT Group Showcase Activities in the Space Domain

Our Bureau - : Nov 15, 2023 - : 8:20 am

Italy’s ELT group which enjoys a strong relationship with the United Arab Emirates starting back in the 1990s is targeting Space as a strategic area from both a civilian and military perspective. ELT’s representative office which has been present in the country since 2012, has been transformed into a local branch ELT Group Abu Dhabi.

In recent years, Space has become a strategic area from both a civilian and military perspective. Competence in managing EMSO in Space constitutes a strategic capability and a must have technological sovereignty. ELT Group has been designing technological solutions to monitor and protect the earth through the electromagnetic signals to and from Space. ELT Group’s intelligence and defence capabilities offer innovative solutions as system that can intercept and collect EMS data to and from Space. ELT Group will present in this edition of the DAS the SCORPIO, the first Electronic Intelligence sensor developed by ELT and launched into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) orbit last April.

Speaking to Daily News, a company official said ELT’s value proposition acknowledged the central role of EMSO as a domain of warfare like the land, sea, air and space environments, and also the role of EMSO in safeguarding Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) against electronic attack and cyberwarfare.

Space environment is also exposed to cyber-attacks aimed to slow down, degrade, alter, disrupt the use of data-satellites or permanently damage their info-structure and systems with a domino-effect. ELT Group, through its Cy4gate subsidiary, is able to respond to these types of threats and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of communications by protecting them from eavesdropping, spoofing, interception, corruption, tampering and denial of service.

ELT Group is also active in the field of Biodefense. ELT’s E4Shield, a revolutionary technology, completely Made in Italy, can inactivate in the air the respiratory viruses for which it is programmed thanks to the action of electromagnetic waves at a frequency effective on pathogens but harmless to humans. To strengthen the technological development of E4Shield, expand its efficacy toward new viruses and additional pathogens, and take care of the marketing of the product range internationally ELT Group and the real estate Lendlease, founded Newco E4life.


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