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FN Herstal Puts Firepower on Display

: Nov 17, 2019 - : 4:00 pm

Belgium-based FN Herstal is showcasing its range of small caliber weapon and weapon systems at the ongoing show. The newest addition to the FN SCAR family is the subcompact FN SCAR-SC subcompact carbine, which is available in 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem cal.) or 7.62x31mm (.300 BLK).

FN SCAR assault rifles can also be fitted with the 40mm FN40GL Mk2 grenade launcher (mounted under or used as a stand-alone launcher). To achieve full potential on the battlefield, the FN FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit can be fitted on the FN40GL grenade launcher (or any multi- shot grenade launcher).

The addition of the FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit provides a complete sighting and aiming solution. FN’s SCAR-L (5.56x45mm/.223 Rem) and SCAR-H rifles (7.62x51mm/.308 cal.) are also on display. FN Herstal’s SCAR series of rifles already equip numerous Special Forces (SF) units worldwide.

The Belgian arms manufacturer is also displaying its MINIMI Mk3 Light Machine Guns (LMG), which are available in 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm NATO calibers. The new deFNder Medium Remote Weapon Station (MRWS) being show- cased is a highly flexible weapon system and the RWS can accept the FN MINIMI 5.56 (FN M249), MINIMI 7.62 (FN Mk48), MAG (FN M240) and .50 cal weapons such as FN’s M2HB-QCB and exclusive FN M3R machine guns.

Another new product is FN’s D-RMP Digital Rocket Machine Gun Pod, which features three 70mm rocket launcher tubes and a 250-round .50 cal ammunition box. FN Herstal’s FN Light Pintle System (LPS) can be mounted on new or in-service plat- forms and used for suppressive fire in an anti-personnel role up to 1,000m when fitted with the FN MAG 58M.


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