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Greenerwave Launches SATCOM Terminal with AI Tech

Our Bureau - : Apr 2, 2024 - : 11:41 pm

Greenerwave, a deeptech start-up specialising in the control of electromagnetic waves, launched its first SATCOM user terminal after securing EUR15 million of funds on Thursday last Month (Mar. 28). The terminal promises high-speed connectivity between satellites, including GEO and LEO, even during motion.

With AI technology, the terminal is designed to offer high adaptability, low power consumption, and easy integration. Operating in the Ku band, it can dynamically adjust to meet diverse SATCOM needs, addressing civilian and military challenges like on-the-move connectivity.

Despite the promise of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites in telecom infrastructure, their potential has been hindered by the lack of suitable terminals. Traditional satellite dishes are challenging to integrate, while alternative solutions often consume high power, limiting their scalability.

Greenerwave’s terminal attempts to address this gap with its compact design, weighing less than 7kg, and its ability to dynamically direct waves towards specific satellites in real-time. Built in-house, the terminal utilizes both physics and AI to enable a seamless transition between satellites and optimise performance according to user needs.

According to the company’s press release, the key feature of its terminal is the use of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), enabling cost-effective, lightweight, and energy-efficient communication solutions. This advancement holds significance for various sectors, including companies, governments, and organizations requiring stable satellite connections for uninterrupted services.

Moreover, the terminal caters to both civilian and military needs, facilitating continuous communication in various environments and scenarios. Its release marks a significant step towards enhancing connectivity across industries.

Technical specifications of the Ku-band terminal include its lightweight, low power consumption, and seamless handover capabilities between satellites, making it suitable for diverse applications such as fixed, mobility, maritime, COTP, and COTM.

Looking ahead, Greenerwave plans to unveil a user terminal operating in the Ka-band by 2025.


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