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IAI’s ELTA Promotes Multi-Mission Radar in South America

: Apr 26, 2019 - : 6:07 am

Radars for air surveillance and defense, made by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) subsidiary ELTA Systems, is proving increasingly popular among customers worldwide.

The company believes its products would be the right fit for the South American region. ELTA’s ELM-2084 Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) is the system of choice for numerous customers worldwide, who are looking to upgrade current civil and military air surveillance and early warning systems while simultaneously incorporating advanced air and missile defense capabilities for the future.

The capability to provide for several mission roles within a single radar system eliminates the need to acquire different radars for each use and provides for significantly lower purchase and maintenance costs. According to the company, the MMR Radar offers an unprecedented level of performance by generating a very high-quality Air Situation Picture.

The level of performance offered by such radar is unattainable by conventional air surveillance radars. While most of the of long-range air surveillance radars apply electronic beam scanning in elevation only, the ELM-2084 offers an Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) antenna with electronic steering in both azimuth and elevation.

These scan modes enhance low level detection for low and slow flying targets, enable simultaneous high-fidelity target search and track, utilizing a fast-rotating antenna which facilitates a high adaptive target update rate. These features enable reliable tracking of highly maneuvering targets and low RCS target detections, while operating even under severe weather conditions, typical for the South American region.

Growing Requirement for Air Surveillance Radars 

With the growing requirements for air surveillance and early warning, due to increasing air traffic, and tighter enforcement over commercial, legal or political disputes over sovereignty, countries that have not previously required full coverage for air surveil-lance of their airspace are waking up to the needs and necessities in adapting modern air surveillance and air-defense capabilities, and its advantages for military and civil air traffic management and control.

In the past, military air defense radars were required to provide good coverage of the medium and high altitudes, thus balancing between cost and performance. To cover the low level, gap-fillers were employed, filling the gaps and protecting high value targets. In today’s complex world, where small airplanes and UAVs that are employed for illegal traffic and smuggling fly at very low altitude and stealthily from long range, these simple solutions no longer provide full protection.

Through the years air defense requirements have increased, requiring tracking of multiple, highly maneuverable targets while scanning the airspace for more detections, looking into close formations and spotting targets with low Radar Cross Sections (RCS).

Meanwhile, the civilian ATM radars deployed primarily as sensors for verification proposes, are also evolving, as tracking densely packed air-traffic requiring higher resolution, verifying aircraft position in 3D spatial dimensions.

Conflicts Spur Innovation

Israel’s battle proven radars for air surveillance and defense are the result of prolonged conflicts with its neighbors that spurred the need for products that met the country’s challenging defense requirements. Innovative military technologies, rather than a massive army, have been viewed as strategically crucial for Israel given its relatively small size.

Proven combat performance is one of Israel’s strongest military technology advantages. Over the years, IAI, which was established in 1953, has become a world leader in aircraft conversion and modernization programs, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), Radars and defense electronics. 

The ELTA Systems group, known as Israel’s national radar house, has been developing Radars, EW, SIGINT and communication system for over 45 years.

Protecting Borders Worldwide– Land, Air and Sea

Established in the port city of Ashdod, the innovative cutting-edge technological powerhouse provides all of Israel’s strategic radars, and systems for customers worldwide – such as the “Green Pine” Arrow Ballistic Missile Interceptor, and the “Iron Dome” system Radar. These ELTA systems, along with ground surveillance and naval surveillance radars help protect borders worldwide daily.


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