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Indonesian Army Testing Spanish-made Infantry Weapons

Yulian Ardiansyah - : Jul 10, 2021 - : 12:27 am

The Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) has conducted a certification test for a range of infantry grenades and anti-tank weapons manufactured by Spanish company Instalaza.

The company’s Alhambra Hand Grenade and FTV Rifle Grenade, anti-tank rocket launchers such as the single-use C90-CS, as well as the reloadable C90 Reusable and Alcotan-100 (M2) were seen in the test that was performed at the TNI-AD shooting range in Batujajar, West Java on Thursday.

According to Brigadier General Terry Tresna Purnama, Indonesian Army Research and Development Department Chief, the test was performed not only to measure the weapons’ performance in the field but also to assess their reliability, support, ease of use and storage longevity.

“[These weapons] must meet the general requirements that include the requirements […] in accordance with the General Standard Provisions for Army materials. Aspects that must be considered […] are political, economic, technological levels used, domestic industry support capabilities and national logistics support capabilities,” General  Purnama added.

TNI-AD has been equipped with several variants of the Instalaza’s 90 mm caliber C90 single-use rocket launchers since 2016. The recently tested C90-CS is the newer version optimized for use in confined space. As the name suggests, the C90 Reusable is the reloadable variant while the Alcotan-100 (M2) is the newest offer from Instalaza in the TNI-AD arsenal. The latter is a 100 mm caliber multi-purpose rocket launcher and is equipped with a computerized VOSEL (M2) firing control unit with integrated night vision, propellant temperature sensor as well as target position and trajectory calculator.

Depending on the launcher variant or ammunition used, Instalaza’s C90-CS, C90 Reusable and Alcotan-100 (M2) have an effective range between 350 to 1000 meters with armor penetrating capability between 140 to 700 mm of Rolled Homogeneous Armor (RHA).


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