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Indra Unveils AI-Powered 360 Vision System for Armored Vehicle

Our Bureau - : May 20, 2024 - : 10:54 pm

Indra recently unveiled a new 360 vision system, integrating artificial intelligence (AI), designed to enhance the situational awareness and operational efficiency of armored vehicles during missions. The system was showcased to key stakeholders from the Spanish Ministry of Defence during a demonstration at the Wheeled Vehicle Maintenance Park and Center No. 2 in Córdoba, attended by senior officials from the Army General Staff (EME), the General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM), and the Army’s Logistic Support Command (MALE).

“This is a technology that the most advanced armies in the world, including those of the US, the United Kingdom and Germany, are opting for,” said Miguel Rodríguez Mora, Sales Director at Indra. “The use of AI will be particularly important during operations in complex environments such as urban and low-visibility areas, where it’s more difficult to distinguish attackers and the reaction times are shorter.”

“It goes beyond mere perception of the environment and has the ability to understand data, recognize patterns and interpret and evaluate what’s happening and how it’s affecting the plans that have been put in place,” he added.

Utilizing various artificial intelligence algorithms, the system analyzes images captured by visible, night-vision, and infrared cameras positioned on the vehicle. By harnessing AI capabilities, it expands the scope of identifying individuals and platforms, distinguishes between friend and foe, assesses potential threats and ambush possibilities, and proposes appropriate protective measures and strategies to accomplish missions effectively.

Crew members collaboratively monitor and analyze the information to enhance real-time perception and comprehension of the operational environment, thereby optimizing system efficiency.

The company designed its 360 vision system for seamless integration into the 8×8 Dragon’s Mission System, also developed by Indra to serve as the vehicle’s central control unit, managing all sensors and subsystems. This technology not only enhances tactical vision but also complements higher-level tools like the Battlefield Management System (BMS), currently integrated into the Army’s armored and combat vehicles. Developed by Indra, the BMS facilitates coordination and information exchange among deployed units during operations.


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