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Kazakhstan Tests “Shagala”, its New UAV

: Feb 5, 2021 - : 5:03 pm

Kazakhstan has tested its new reconnaissance unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) “Shagala”, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced on Friday.

The prototype of the “Shagala” UAV is equipped with a hardware and software communication channel, its own cryptographic protocol, and secure communication channels, the Ministry said.

“The UAV’s flight range is up to 30 kilometers,” said Colonel Kuandyk Akshulakov, the head of the military research center. “It can stay in the air for up to two and a half hours. It flies steadily when the wind increases up to 14 meters per second. In the future, we plan to put it into service in the troops at the level – from platoon to battalion,”

During the field tests of the experimental model, military scientists tested the latest design of the power supply that is  resistant to low temperatures. The rechargeable battery is the latest development of specialists from the National Defense University. Various stages of preparation and operating modes of the “Shagala” drone were also presented during the flight tests.

The Deputy Defence Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Lieutenant General Timur Dandybaev, said that the development of the tactical and technical characteristics of domestic vehicles must take into consideration all the needs of the Kazakh army and the geographic features of the country for defensive purposes.

Khazakhstan has developed programmes for training technicians and operators, and a course for combat training for UAV operators for implementation in educational institutions and units of the Armed Forces. These programmes were developed to support the serial production of the “Shagala” UAV while taking into account the capabilities of the domestic military-industrial complex.

The “Shagala” UAV has been developed by the National Defense University (NDU). In its design, the university relied on the analysis of both reconnaissance and attack drones as an effective weapon against armored vehicles and enemy personnel. NDU has been conducting research in the field of unmanned systems since 2014, studying both production technologies and the procedure for their use in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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