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Lockheed Martin Highlights Radar Prowess

: Feb 11, 2020 - : 5:04 pm

The emergence of a range of threats in conflict areas around the world makes it more important than ever for radars on land, air and space to detect potential threats as early as possible.

Leading defence contractor Lockheed Martin is showcasing its range of radar systems that meet diverse needs at the ongoing airshow. The company’s portfolio of software-based radar systems are durable, upgradeable, reliable, and designed to thrive in the digital age.

These radars are also well suited for a wide range of applications ranging from smaller mobile types designed to catch smaller, unmanned threats entering a domain to the much larger fixed radar installations which are designed to spot more complex targets.  Martin has a radar to suit a diverse array of needs.

Lockheed Martin is offering a variety of multi-mission radars that enable a customer to be prepared for any potential threats. In today’s scenario, it is vitally important to detect an incoming threat as early as possible, so that defensive systems can be mobilised fast enough to defeat the threat.

Lockheed Martin’s AN/TPS-77 and TPS-77 MRR are very well suited for such tasks.

In addition, these radars have been designed to keep pace with future threats by using less power to conduct operations, which in turn makes them more mobile for placement thereby multiplying their efficacy.

Ballistic missiles continue to pose a clear and present danger and Lockheed Martin is building a critical component of the layered defense strategy to protect the U.S. homeland from ballistic missile attack.

The company’s Long-Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) provides precision metric data to improve ballistic defence discrimination and replace existing sensors in the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence System (BMDS). This long-range radar makes use of proven solid-state radar technologies with proven ballistic missile defence algorithms, all based upon an open architecture platform capable of meeting future growth.

Lockheed Martin completed System Technology Readiness Level 7 testing for the LRDR programme in December 2018.

It is now manufacturing radar components at a high rate for the programme and has completed the delivery of its first 27-foot-tall radar panel to Clear, Alaska.

The LRDR is the latest in a long line of S-Band radars developed by Lockheed Martin, including the Aegis Combat System, Space Fence and Aegis Ashore.



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