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                        YEAR                       EDITOR’S NOTE

                     LINE                        Change is in the Air

                                                 The People’s Republic of China celebrated the 100th year of the
                        Editor                   Communist Party of China with a show of strength that involved
                  Vittorio Rossi Prudente        formation flights totaling 71 aircraft over Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
                                                 For China’s neighbours who have watched its rise with growing
                     Deputy Editor               anxiety, the fly past was reminder of the rising military strength of a
                      Jay Menon                  nation that continues to provoke territorial disputes with countries in
                   the region. China’s economic might has allowed it to fund what is one
                                                 of the most spectacular military buildups in history, without support
                   Technology Editor
                      Atul Chandra               from the Western world.
                                                 The PRC is now inducting growing numbers of its new J-20 fighter into
                    Managing Editor              service and is close to introducing another stealthy fighter in the
                   Arun Sivasankaran             FC-31. These are indeed dramatic achievements when one takes into
                                                 account the fact that nations such as Japan, South Korea and India,
                    Jakarta Bureau               which have a longer history of aerospace achievements, have been
                    Yulian Ardiansyah            unable to develop indigenous fighter aircraft in the same category.
                    Correspondent                Nations in the region are now seized of the need to re-equip their
                                                 militaries despite the crushing blow of the slowly ebbing COVID-19
                     Contributors                pandemic.
                     Nassim Ait Idir
                                                 In times like these, the importance of aerospace and defence
                      Art Director
                   Miamica Khonglah              exhibitions is further heightened as such events facilitate industry
               interactions and partnerships, besides giving countries an opportunity
                                                 to procure the latest in military technology. Defence Exhibitions Athens
                     Web Director                2021 (DEFEA 2021) assumes importance as it is being held at a time
                     Elmer Valencia              when the Hellenic Armed Forces and industry are beginning a long
                                                 overdue modernisation programme. With the Hellenic military
                  Circulation Manager            operating several important  types  that  are also in use with Asian
                   Akshay Satyamurthy            militaries, DEFEA 2021 is sure to attract strong interest from the

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                                                 remained committed to covering important military developments in
                   our region and globally. We look forward to  the resumption of the
                                                 international aerospace and defence exhibition calendar, and reiterate
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