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were part of the efforts to mutually benefit from
                                                                       bilateral capabilities, achieve common interests
                                                                       and maintain maritime security and stability in
                                                                       the region.

                                                                       Last November, Egyptian and Greek units car-
                                                                       ried out maritime training in the Aegean Sea,   [ COVER  STORY ]
                                                                       north of the Mediterranean, during the return
                                                                       of the Egyptian naval units that participated in
                                                                       the Friendship Bridge-3 training with Russia.

                                                                       The Egyptian army carried out the maneuvers
                                                                       after crossing the Bosphorus Strait, which is
                                                                       controlled by Turkey. A new tripartite part-
                                                                       nership is also hatching between Greece, the
                                                                       UAE and India. Last November, on a visit to
                                                                       Abu Dhabi, Prime Minister Mitsotakis met UAE
                                                                       Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
                                                                       They signed a “strategic partnership” and an
                                                                       “agreement on joint foreign policy and defence
                                                                       cooperation,” the Greek Ministry of Foreign
                                                                       Affairs said in a tweet. “Relations are further
                                                                       deepened reaching a strategic level, aiming at
                                                                       regional peace&stability,” it added.

                                                                       It is noteworthy that at the height of the Greek-
                                                                       Turkish crisis in August 2020 when seismic
                                                                       vessel Oruc Reis conducted surveys in maritime
                                                                       areas that partly fall within the Greek continen-
                                                                       tal shelf, the United Arab Emirates relocated
                                                                       four F-16s to the Greek island of Crete, where
                                                                       they were stationed for two weeks and partic-
                                                                       ipated in joint air exercises with the Hellenic
                                                                       Air Force.

                                                                       The value of joint military exercises between
                                                                       Greece and the UAE is significant especially
        Israel said would strengthen political and economic ties between  when taking into consideration that the Emirati
        the countries and the two countries’ air forces launched a joint  armed forces are one of the most modern in the
        exercise. The agreement includes a US$1.65 billion contract for the  region that are technologically equipped with
        establishment and operation of a training centre for the Hellenic Air  state-of-the-art weapons systems.
        Force by Israeli defence contractor Elbit Systems over a 22-year
        period, according to Israel’s defence ministry. Elbit will supply kits  India and Greece also held brainstorming ses-
        to upgrade and operate Greece’s T-6 aircraft and also provide  sion on threat to territorial integrity of nations
        training, simulators and logistical support.                   and threat posed by radicalisation, violent
                                                                       extremism. Both the countries agreed to work
        In the latest sign of increased cooperation, Israeli military also con-  towards establishment of a strategic partner-
        ducted a joint naval exercise with Greece and Cyprus. The Noble  ship.
        Dina exercise, which was led by Israel and also included France,
        covered “anti-submarine procedures, search and rescue scenarios,  So,  despite  the  effects  of  the  COVID-19
        and a scenario simulating battle between ships”.               pandemic, the Greek government has been
                                                                       compelled to address the strengthening of the
        Athens is steadily developing partnerships on the broader geopo-  Hellenic Armed Forces. Included in the list of
        litical stage. Its partnership with Egypt is of growing importance, as  planned materiel acquisitions is also a plan to
        much in itself as in conjunction with Cyprus in the trilateral scheme  increase the number of troops in military ser-
        that has been developed. On Jan. 28, Egyptian and Greek forces  vice by 15,000 over the coming five years. All of
        conducted naval exercises in the Mediterranean. The Egyptian army  this should provide Greece with improved mili-
        said in a statement that these exercises came within the framework  tary capability and a rejuvenated local defence
        of cooperation between the Egyptian and Greek armed forces and  industry.

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