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                                                       SHOW                            1               MARCH 28, 2022


          G L O B A L B U S I N ES S P R ES S     

                                                                                      second NATSEC Asia 2022 or National
                                                  WAR CASTS                           Security Asia 2022 is being held concur-
                                                                                      rently with DSA.
                              SHADOW, BUT DSA                                         The presence of major exhibitors from all
                                                                                      regions is primarily because Malaysia is
                                 STILL A BIG DRAW                                     looking to modernize its military capabil-
                                                                                      ities. Among its planned purchases is 18
                                                                                      light fighter aircraft; among those in the
                                                                                      fray is Leonardo with the M-346 Master,
                                                                                      the Aviation Industry Corporation of China
                                                                                      with the Hongdu L-15 Falcon, India’s indig-
                                                                                      enous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas
                                                                                      made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
                                                                                      (HAL), Turkish Aerospace Industries’
                                                                                      Hurjet, and Korean Aerospace Industries’
                                                                                      FA- 50. The aircraft selected will replace
                                                                                      the ageing fleet of BAE Systems-made
                                                                                      Hawk 108 trainers and Hawk 208 light-at-
                                                                                      tack jets.
                                                                                      Keenly watched during the show will be
                                                                                      the growing relationship between Turkey
        Companies from Russia, Belarus and  and the Netherlands.                      and Malaysia. The host country has in
        Ukraine are not attending Defence  The biggest contingent of companies is  recent years purchased military equip-
        Services  Asia  (DSA)  2022,  for  obvi-  from Turkey, which had a strong pres-  ment, mainly armoured vehicles, from
        ous reasons, but the three-day event  ence at the recently concluded DIMDEX  Turkey and also depends on its support
        at the Malaysia International Trade and  2022 as well.  Among  the companies  to develop its indigenous defence indus-
        Exhibition Centre,  which has returned  from Turkey that are at the event are  try. Turkey, which saw defence exports
        after a gap of four years, has not lost any  Turkish Aerospace Industries, Aselsan,  zoom past US$3 billion in 2021, is tar-
        of its sheen because of their absence.  STM, Roketsan,  Turan Ammo, Simsoft,  geting US$4 billion this year and will be
        As many as  1,170 companies from 54  Nurol Makina, Havelsan, and Dearsan  looking to make a real impression at the
        countries are at the 17th edition of the  Shipyard. Most of the major international  ongoing event.
        event, showcasing the latest in military  players, including  Airbus, Lockheed
        equipment and technologies in the land,  Martin, Leonardo,  Thales, BAE Systems,  According to DSA Exhibition and
        air, sea and cyber domain at the exhibition  SAAB, Northrop Grumman, Fincantieri,  Conference executive director Nadzeem
        venue that is spread over 38,000 square  Honeywell, L3Harris, Navantia, and  Abdul Rahman, the event is likely to attract
        metres. The significance of the event and  Nexter Systems are attending.      about 4,800 international visitors, includ-
        its enduring popularity can be gleaned  The event, which will conclude on March  ing domain experts, government officials,
        from the fact that there are as many as  31, has a wide range of exhibits that  industry leaders and media. More than
        20 country pavilions, from host coun-  include airborne platforms and sur-    15,000 local visitors are also expected
        try Malaysia, United Kingdom,  United  veillance systems, land and sea-based  over the course of the three days. With
        States, Turkey, France, China, Canada,  platforms, unmanned systems and robot-  the pandemic yet to be a thing of the past,
        Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Austria,  ics, training and simulation systems,  all COVID-19 protocols are being followed
        Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Pakistan,  systems for critical assets protection, as  to ensure the health and safety of the par-
        Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland,  well as ammunition and explosives. The  ticipants.


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