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Naval Group and Egypt, a Longstanding and Successful Partnership

Our Bureau - : Nov 30, 2021 - : 6:18 pm

Naval Group is proud of its long-term partnership with the Egyptian Navy and naval shipyards. With seven latest generation combat ships already ordered to date and five ships already in operation in the Egyptian Navy; Naval Group is proud to participate in the modernization of the naval forces and defence infrastructure of Egypt, its self-reliance, and its sovereignty.

Naval Group is committed to a long-term partnership with the Egyptian naval shipyards for the Gowind programme. The group is transferring the necessary skills and know-how to Alexandria Shipyard for the corvettes’ construction as well as for the equipment integration and in-service support. Three units out of four are built in Alexandria under a construction technology transfer agreement. The first corvette, El Fateh, the only one built in Lorient, was delivered in September 2017. Thanks to the high level of a fruitful cooperation and to the expertise and skills acquired by Alexandria Shipyard, the first Gowind built in Egypt and named Port Said was delivered in January 2021. The two corvettes are currently successfully in service with the Egyptian Navy. The third Gowind, El Moez, was launched in May 2019 and will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Finally, Luxor, the last of the series, is already in production and set to be delivered in 2022. Alexandria Shipyard can be proud of its achievement, the Gowind corvette is a state-of-art ship, concentrating the latest technologies. Egypt has demonstrated a high-level expertise that allows the country to build complex military vessels locally. Naval Group is very proud to be part of this fruitful cooperation which contributes to the long-lasting partnership between Egypt and France.


Naval Group at EDEX
Naval Group’s stand at EDEX, reflects its comprehensive offer with a focus on surface
ships and innovative solutions.

Belharra is the new combat ship for naval supremacy and crisis management designed for navies looking for a compact frigate able to perform the largest range of missions stand-alone or within a task force either for high sea duration missions. As the first digital frigate, Belharra features high level capabilities in anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine, and asymmetric warfare domains.

The FDI, the first Belharra frigate for the French Navy will be delivered in 2024 and a MoU was signed with Greece earlier this year to open discussions for 3 frigates and one in option.

Scorpene Submarine
This submarine is capable of carrying out all types of missions, such as surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, special operations or intelligence gathering. It is extremely stealthy and fast, and can be fitted with various weapons (torpedoes, missiles, mines).

Over fourteen Scorpene submarines were sold by Naval Group to foreign customers and Indian and Brazilian submarines are being built locally thanks to a successful transfer of technology.

F21 heavyweight torpedo
Benefitting of a highly advanced missionsystem and very long endurance, F21 is the first heavyweight torpedo able to perform complex mission autonomously. It has far superior characteristics to any other heavyweight torpedo currently in service and is offered for export, strengthening Naval Group’s submarine offering. The F21 torpedo is equipped with a very high level of computing power, which gives it exceptional real-time processing capabilities, an advanced mission system and increased autonomy. These technical characteristics considerably broaden the possibilities of tactical use with an unparalleled capacity for target discrimination, even in very difficult environments.

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