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IWI Unveils ARBEL Computerized Small Arms System

Our Bureau - : Apr 5, 2024 - : 2:42 am

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) introduced the ARBEL, hailed as the world’s first computerized small arms system, on Thursday (Apr. 4). The company claimed that this technology signals a leap in small arms technology, promising to reshape combat dynamics on contemporary battlefields.

“The ARBEL system not only increases combat lethality and survivability significantly but also sets new standards for precision and operational efficiency in dynamic combat environments,” said Ronen Hamudot, IWI Exec. Vice President, Marketing and Sales. “This groundbreaking technology marks a new era in small arms, showcasing IWI’s dedication to innovation and excellence, poised to redefine the capabilities of light machine guns and small arms globally.”

“The ARBEL, with its simple and intuitive design, offers reliability and effectiveness at a level unmatched in modern warfare.”

Comprising a computer-based platform, an advanced electronic trigger mechanism with sensors, and a unique firing mode called “ARBEL,” the system operates independently of the firearm’s functionality. Even in the event of battery depletion, operators can seamlessly switch to conventional firearm usage without disruption.

A notable outcome of ARBEL’s features is ammunition conservation, a critical factor in combat scenarios and training exercises alike.

IWI’s Negev LMG (Light Machine Gun) becomes the inaugural small arm to integrate the system, capitalizing on its unparalleled accuracy and controlled firing capabilities. The electronic trigger, featuring the ARBEL firing mode, coupled with an integrated fire control system, enhances accuracy, particularly in time-critical situations. With this system installed, the Negev LMG achieves a claimed 80-90% hit rate on moving targets.

According to IWI, ARBEL’s energy system is rated to last up to 60 hours of continuous operation. In diverse environmental conditions, day or night, the system remains optic-agnostic, allowing operators to select the desired optic configuration for mission requirements. Additionally, the system also seamlessly integrates into various Light Machine Guns without altering their operational systems or user interfaces.

Compatibility extends to assault rifles like the ARAD and other AR-15 compatible rifles, with a straightforward lower receiver replacement. This interoperability eliminates the need for firearm replacement, facilitates rapid upgrades, and streamlines operator training requirements.


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